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Tara LaFon Gooch, CEO of Best Branding Solutions is an expert in personal branding and knows how to leverage the power of brand building to establish a successful business.According to Tara, to truly thrive, individuals should adopt a multi-faceted approach to building their brand. This involves leveraging various revenue streams such as book authoring, speaking appearances, brand partnerships, and sponsorships. In this article, we’ll explore how these avenues can work together to create a robust and sustainable personal brand empire.

“Building a personal brand empire isn’t just about self-promotion; it’s about crafting a legacy of authenticity, expertise, and positive influence. It’s the bridge between who you are and the impact you make, allowing you to leave a meaningful mark on the world.”

Tara’s recently published book, “How To GRASP Confidence & Own Your Power” is proof of how powerful a book can be at building credibility, visibility, and establishing subject-matter expertise. Since the book’s release in August of 2023, it has started a world-wide confidence movement and led to several speaking engagements and partnership opportunities. According to Tara, authoring a book is an enduring testament to your expertise and knowledge. It solidifies your position as an authority in your field and provides a tangible asset that can be leveraged in various ways. A well-received book can lead to speaking engagements, media coverage, and invitations to collaborate with other influential figures. It also serves as a platform for showcasing your ideas and unique perspective, creating a loyal following. Tara recommends all her clients who are seeking to become professional speakers or TEDx speakers to write a book to further establish themselves as experts in their fields.

Tara is also a firm believer in utilizing speaking as tool for establishing and expanding a strong personal brand. Speaking allows you to directly connect with your audience, building trust and credibility. TEDx talks provide a global platform to share your insights with a wide audience of 40 million YouTube subscribers, further enhancing your brand’s reach and influence. 

Tara emphasizes that teaming up with established brands and figures can significantly amplify your reach and credibility. Brand partnerships can take various forms, from co-created products to joint marketing campaigns. These collaborations not only provide financial benefits but also introduce your brand to new audiences. Carefully choose partnerships, sponsorships, or ambassadorships that align with your values and enhance your brand’s perception, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

Tara highlights that building a personal brand through multiple revenue streams is a dynamic and evolving process. Authenticity, consistency, and a genuine desire to add value to your audience are the cornerstones of a successful personal brand. With dedication, passion, and strategic planning, you can turn your personal brand into a thriving business that leaves a lasting impact on your industry and audience. Remember, your brand is your legacy, and it is how you will be remembered. Don’t leave your brand to chance, hire an expert that has done what you seek to do.


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