Miles Long: The Man Who Redefines Limits


A Journey Beyond Boundaries

In a world where boundaries are often set by others, Miles Long stands as a testament to self-belief and relentless ambition. A man of myriad talents, Long has broken stereotypes, defied expectations, and achieved success across diverse fields. His philosophy is simple yet powerful: “The only limits I have are the ones I set for myself.”

A Mindset for Success

Long’s journey is underpinned by his steadfast belief that one should never be limited by others’ perceptions. “Whenever someone tells you that you can’t do something, it doesn’t mean YOU can’t do it, it simply means THEY can’t do it,” he asserts. This mindset has driven him to excel in every endeavor he has undertaken, from law to photography, and beyond.

The MENSA Member Turned Visual Maestro

A MENSA member since childhood, Long’s intellectual prowess was evident early on. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a Legal Studies degree and served in the Army before venturing into the film industry in Los Angeles. His technical acumen and attention to detail soon found another outlet – photography. Long’s work, known for its intricate lighting setups and technical precision, has adorned the covers of prestigious magazines like FHM, Playboy, Maxim, and Forbes.

Capturing Moments, Crafting Light

Long’s approach to photography is a blend of art and science. He loves creating complex lighting setups, likening them to solving a math equation. This unique style has not only earned him critical acclaim but also distinguished him in an era where natural lighting dominates.

From Camera to Turntables: A Musical Transition

Long’s creative journey didn’t stop at photography. His first job out of college as a nightclub promoter at The Sound Factory in San Francisco sparked a love for house music. This passion led him to Las Vegas, where he leveraged his connections and skills to establish a record label, assisting artists with branding, social media, and marketing. His enterprise has flourished, creating a nexus of creativity and collaboration.

The Car Connoisseur

Long’s passion extends to the world of custom cars and motorcycles. He started building custom vehicles in college and has since assembled a remarkable collection, including a unique Subaru Forester STI conversion and a custom Nitrous Drag Chopper. His automotive endeavors also led to the founding of The Subie Society, a vibrant online community, and the creation of the Modz And Bodz TV show.

Upcoming Ventures and Legacy

Looking ahead, Long plans to expand his collection with more innovative projects. He’s currently designing a Barndominium for his builds and working on an ex-Police Interceptor Track Car. A poignant upcoming project is the resto-mod of his father’s ‘59 Studebaker President, a tribute to the man who raised him.

An Inspiration for Many

Miles Long’s story is one of relentless pursuit of passion and breaking barriers. His life is a vivid illustration that success truly knows no bounds when one is driven by self-belief and determination. His achievements across various domains are not just a personal triumph but an inspiration for anyone daring to dream big.

Follow Miles Long’s extraordinary journey on Instagram @mileslong4real, where he shares his latest endeavors and inspirations, offering a glimpse into the life of a man who truly lives without limits.

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